Hi, I’m Raphael…

I’m a web designer from Rhode Island, that focuses on personal and businesses websites, blogs, logos, UI designs and custom graphics. I design websites with patience and care to reflect the style and personality of the client to perfect showcasing who they are and what their website and branding logo is all about. If you like to work with someone who is not complicated.. I’m your guy.

Are you afraid of how much this will cost you?

Lets get right to it. The last thing you want is to have a nice chat with me and then at the end of our conversation I give you a big price that you just simply can’t afford. I don’t like wasting any bodies time. I like to do fun business and keep things as simple as possible for you and I. My hourly rate is $75 for smaller projects. Here are some estimated prices for bigger projects to give you an idea of what the price range will be depending on your project. – Prices below are estimated by the week.

  • 1 to 2 page custom website starts at $500 – This will be about a 1 week project
  • 3 to 5 page custom website starts at $1500 – This will be about a 2-3 week project
  • 6 to 10 page custom website starts at $2500 – This will be about a 5 week project
  • Projects that will take over 5 weeks starts at $3000 +

Want to know how you and I work on your project?

Clients communicate directly with me through email to create a site that represents their unique message. I can utilize your current marketing materials or create a whole new image for you from scratch! All web sites are created based on a concept from you and the details you provide for your design. I’ll build an easy-to-use website using WordPress or Blogger as a Content Management System for your project. For WordPress users the Genesis Framework is included to provide SEO settings as well as the power, speed, and security you’ll need.

What’s my goal for you?

Here the goal is to turn a client’s vision into a reality through custom designing and programming. Each website should be unique and stand out from it’s competitors with a look and feel that is original. Websites should have a clear message so that readers or potential customers know why they are there and come back. With that said.. how do you really want your website to look and function. How many pages do you think you might need to fit all your important content. Your content is king and my job is to build the design around your content to make it professional and easy for your readers to understand your website. Lets work as a team starting off with a free consultation.

Get to know me with a FREE Consultation

The only way you will feel comfortable working with me is by contacting me and getting to know me. This is the easy and fun part. It’s also free! Lets talk about your project.. your business.. your goals. Contact me today.