How Can I Get Traffic To My Blog with Pinterest for Beginners

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Starting a blog is easy. So easy, you could literally create one right now and be done in one minute flat. There, you have a blog. Most active bloggers know that it’s the first step of many in having a blog that is actually visited and if I may say…successful. That is why I’m doing a series of posts focusing on how to get traffic to your blog because after you invested in professional blog design, you are undoubtedly going to want someone out in the world to actually notice it.  That leads us to today’s post all about using Pinterest to lure folks to come over and see what you have to offer.  I’m going to cover some basics and share some creative ways bloggers are using Pinterest… Prepare to have your mind blown.

How Can I Get Traffic To My Blog with Pinterest

For those of you who don’t really know what Pinterest is really all about, in my eyes its a website that connects users to things that are PRETTY to look at or just PRETTY darn interesting.  If you are able to provide content that fits into either of these categories, then you are ready to start figuring out this Pinterest thing.

How To Prepare for Pinterest Greatness

✔ Once you sign up, you’ll want to start creating awesome pinterest boards. The goal is to make your boards appealing so that other people want to start following you.

✔ Seek out awesome Pinterest Boards to follow. It will give you awesome things to re-pin to your own boards and hey… they might follow you back. May I suggest also checking out this list of 10 blogging boards you should follow on Pinterest to get started.

✔ Get Pinterest Followers. If you want people to really see your pins and boards, you are going to need to get followers.  Join forums and groups in your blog’s niche, exchange follows. Reach out to your friends and families, see who in on Pinterest these days. Network, network, network!

✔ Make sure to have a solid way to gauge how many pins you are getting.  There are many plugins for WordPress that will show your count for easy viewing. My absolute favorite is the Flare Plugin.   You can check out this free social media monitoring tool at Confessions of an Overworked Mom or this clever little find (thanks Cute as a Fox) over here to look up Pinterest pin counts.

✔ Make your blog shout “hey follow me on Pinterest” or yo… pin this please! Or both really! It’s a must!  Make sure you have a follow button visible to your readers. Start off by checking out the tools available directly on Pinterest.

✔ Flaunt your pins on your sidebar. On my blog AdventureYum, I use a plugin called “Pinterest RSS Widget” to showcase mine. There are many options to choose from.

How To Create Pin Worthy Posts & Pics

Don’t get discouraged if you create a post and it totally never gets a pin.  You must try, try and try again!  There are two important things to focus on. You must have a super uber creative idea and/or your photo must be really awesome! You see, Pinterest is a very visual space and you want to focus on that when trying to create pin-worthy content. You’ll definitely want to get a good camera and find a good photo editing program that will help you create a better looking image.

Don’t get discouraged if you are not a professional photographer and can’t seem to nail it. You can also focus and dig deep into your creative side. There are plenty of ways to be successful on Pinterest, just try to experiment with different things until you find a formula that works.

To help get those creative juices flowing and also to hand you some pin-candy that will blow your bloggy mind, I’ve summoned some of my bloggy friends who have done tremendous with Pinterest. Check these out:


Filthy Rich Wish List by Sweep Tight – Pinned 193.1K Times!!!

Crock Pot Monkey Bread by Tammilee Tips – Pinned 111.3K Times!!!

Hand Print Flower by Nifty Mom – Pinned 152K Times!!!

Homemade Candy Buttons by Popsicle Blog – Pinned 80K Times!!!

Coca Cola Cake Recipe by About a Mom – Pinned 26.8K Times!!!

Ice Cream Treats by Cute as a Fox - Pinned 68K Times!!!

Ten Tips for Elimination the Pacifier by Jade Louise Designs – Pinned 26.1K Times!!!

Stocking Stuffer Ideas by Views From The Ville - Pinned 27.1K Times!!!

Valentine’s Day Recipe by This Mama Loves - Pinned 34.7K Times!!! 


Can you say WOW! My mind is even blown!  This sets the bar high, now it’s time for you to get your slice of the Pinterest pie!

Want more reasons to hop on the Pinterest parade?  Stacie Vaughan covers that in this must read article titled “Five Reasons Why Bloggers Should Be on Pinterest“. Aside from getting traffic, if you play your cards right you might be able to get paid too!


Want more ways to boost your traffic? Check out my post on how to boost traffic using roundups.


So what will you create today? A great recipe? Awesome tips? The sky’s the limit! Leave us  a comment!

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  1. great great post!! love it! i need to set my goals even higher now :)

  2. Great post, Congrats on being a mom! I first virtually met you back when you were preparing to or had just gotten married. Wow, time flies!

  3. Dawn Lopez, thanks for the useful tips. I have been using Pinterest for some logo time, just these tips are an added advantage on my knowledge…


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